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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Revo Speaks trailer is here!

Check out the promotional trailer above
Immense thanks for supporting The Revo Speaks project! The film has been an incredible journey, stirring up emotions and generating unimaginable interest and excitement from here to the Caribbean and back again...

Since my original post I've had the pleasure of connecting with people from all aspects of the revolution, political organisers, journalists, Grenadians from all walks of life (you know who you are!)- each with a unique story to tell and each one taking me a step closer to demystifying the period that was the Revo.

I contacted Debi Alper after hearing she lived in Grenada during the Revo, and since then she has revisited the past in her wonderful blog at

As the project gathers momentum, I'll be posting regularly on our progress so watch this space for news and if you'd like to get involved, drop me a line at

Forward Ever!

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Debi said...

The trailer's great, Faye. I hope it attracts positive attention.

This film HAS to be made!